Existing Equipment Retrofits and Rejuvenations

Extend the useful life of your current material handling equipment with upgraded controls.

Control solutions from Compass Engineering help facilities in a broad range of industries further leverage their previous investments in conveyors, sorters and other material handling equipment. By upgrading the control technologies in existing equipment, companies meet changing business needs while extending the useful life of their current hardware.

Equipment control is offered exclusively with the use of programmable logic controllers (PLCs), as they are extremely reliable and easy to maintain with local software and hardware support provided by in-house staff, or through the use of local expertise from a hardware distributor. Compass Engineering often integrates and updates older SLC installations. We also modernize PLC5 platform architectures and PC-based control systems with newer, more viable and easier-to-maintain off-the-shelf industry standard Rockwell ControlLogix-based technologies.

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Extensive, reliable expertise in controls and software.

Leverage a full suite of comprehensive control systems and software that direct the operation of conveyors, sorters and automated machinery for fulfillment across multiple industries, including food and beverage, parcel and e-commerce.

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