Equipment Agnostic Controls and Software Expertise

With vast experience across a variety of OEM material handling and fulfillment technologies, you select the best-of-breed solution for your system.

Compass Engineering integrates—as well as retrofits and rejuvenates—a wide variety of original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) technologies with hardware agnostic controls and software capable of managing and directing the operation of any automated material handling system. For you, that means we deliver only the solution that specifically and completely meets your supply chain needs.

Additionally, Compass Engineering’s team of engineers has hundreds of years of combined experience working with a multitude of OEM systems, both new and old. This experience allows our engineers to assist our customers in the proper, practical deployment of equipment that best meets their performance requirements in the most economical way.

We have extensive expertise designing, implementing and commissioning new deployments, retrofits and rejuvenations of a variety of both new and retired automated material handling equipment brands, including (but not limited to):

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Extensive, reliable expertise in controls and software.

Leverage a full suite of comprehensive control systems and software that direct the operation of conveyors, sorters and automated machinery for fulfillment across multiple industries, including food and beverage, parcel and e-commerce.

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