E-Commerce Fulfillment

Efficient, on-time, individual order processing.

Today, the internet has established itself as one of the primary means of buying and selling different items. With the numerous e-commerce sites that have developed over the years, we know that it is important for your specific company to provide on-time shipping in order to be competitive in a demanding industry.

Compass Engineering has worked with many e-commerce retailers to create direct interfaces to their order management systems. Compass Engineering’s solutions can take orders directly from a website, track inventory, create picking requirements, print (and apply) shipping labels, fulfill orders using pick- or put-to-light technologies, and manage the shipping.

Compass Engineering provides industry specific software and control solutions for all internet fulfillment needs. Our various system solutions ensure granular control over your systems, enabling continuous monitoring of the different lane statuses and shipping dates of various packages. To ensure customer satisfaction by shipping products on time, Compass Engineering offers different sortation and picking speeds and capabilities to increase productivity, leading to an increase of profits for your company.

E-Commerce Solutions

  • Increase efficiency and production
  • On-time order fulfillment
  • Inventory of customer product
  • Picking of orders via radio-frequency (RF) scanning, pick-to-light or pick lists using efficient pick routing
  • Shipment rate shopping
  • Automatic label printing
  • Routing of orders throughout the fulfillment process
  • Adaptation to a wide variety of products
  • Real-time error analysis

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Extensive, reliable expertise in controls and software.

Leverage a full suite of comprehensive control systems and software that direct the operation of conveyors, sorters and automated machinery for fulfillment across multiple industries, including food and beverage, parcel and e-commerce.

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