Application Experience

Compass Engineering integrates, retrofits and rejuvenates a wide variety of original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) technologies—new and old—with hardware-agnostic software and controls to create synchronized, unified systems that solve our customers’ challenging distribution and fulfillment applications. Solutions integrate a comprehensive range of material handling equipment types, including:

Conveyors & Sortation

Compass Engineering’s software and controls give real-time intelligent supervision and direction of high- and low-speed conveyors, sorters, merges and package gapping. Conveyor types include case and tote picking, accumulation and transportation on both belt and live roller. Sorters include: bombay, cross belt, chain- and rope-based garment on hanger (GOH), loop, pop-up wheel, quick loop, shoe, swivel wheel, tilt-tray, multi- and split-belt, swing arm/bat, and transfers. Induction merges include high-speed servo and variable frequency drive (VFD), slug build and release, inverters, saw-tooth, case, singulators and gap optimizers.

Order Finishing Systems

Compass Engineering provides software and control solutions to automate and efficiently manage order finishing processes, including: product bagging, boxing, print-and-apply labeling and document insertion of catalogs, coupons, special offers, shipping information and other customer-specific materials.

Automated Fulfillment and Picking

Maximize order fulfillment and picking productivity, accuracy and efficiency—from manufacturing through distribution—with Compass Engineering’s software and controls. These technologies provide integrated management and direction of pick-to-light, put-to-light, put-walls, pack-to-light, picking carts and other paperless picking, kitting, assembly and sortation systems for order consolidation and sequencing. They also interface with leading warehouse management software (WMS) from suppliers including SAP, Manhattan Associates and JDA.

Automated Storage & Handling Equipment

Controls and software from Compass Engineering seamlessly integrate, optimize and execute management of all items (including cartons, totes, pallets or units) in real-time throughout all your automated equipment, including automatic guided vehicles (AGVs); automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS); horizontal and vertical carousels; vertical lift modules (VLMs); fluid loaders and unloaders; robotic and conventional palletizers and de-palletizers; and trolley-based garment on rail systems.

Data Capture & Motion Control

Ensure 100% accuracy in item and parcel routing, as well as identification and manifesting through real-time optimization and execution management via Compass Engineering’s software and controls. Unify automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies such as vision, scanners, dimensioners, check weighers, making and coding systems. Gain reliable response of motion control devices, including: actuators, annunciators, control relays, encoders, indicators, sensors and switches.

PLCs and Networks

Compass Engineering provides programmable logic control (PLC) solutions based upon Allen-Bradley/Rockwell platforms, including ControlLogix™, CompactLogix™ and Micrologix™. Related hosts, peer and network inputs/outputs (I/O) include Ethernet/IP™, ControlNet™ and DeviceNet™ for communications and connectivity.

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Leverage a full suite of comprehensive control systems and software that direct the operation of conveyors, sorters and automated machinery for fulfillment across multiple industries, including food and beverage, parcel and e-commerce.

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